42 Greatest Nick Wilde Quotes

Step into the witty world of Zootopia’s most charismatic fox, Nick Wilde!

Nick’s a street-smart con artist full of charm, but when he’s outwitted by the Zootopia Police Department’s first bunny cop, Judy Hopps, the pair set out to find the missing otter, Emmett Otterton. Could it be that he’s more than just a sly fox?

From amusing quips to snappy nicknames, we’ve rounded up the best Nick Wilde quotes that capture the spirit of Zootopia’s slick-talking fox.

The Best Nick Quotes From Zootopia

Nick has plenty of quick quips and one-liners! Here are some of the best Nick Wilde quotes!

  1. Nick Wilde: You can’t touch me carrots. I’ve been doing this since I was born.
  2. Judy Hopps: What did you do that made Mr Big so mad at you?
    Nick Wilde: I, uh, I may have sold him a very expensive wool rug that was made from the fur of a skunk…’s butt.
  3. Nick Wilde: Everyone comes to Zootopia thinking they can be anything they want. Well, you can’t. You can only be what you are. Sly fox, dumb bunny.
    Judy Hopps: I’m not a dumb bunny.
    Nick Wilde: Right. And that’s not wet cement.
  4. Nick Wilde: Hey it’s officer Toot-Toot!
  5. Nick Wilde: Madame, I have a fake badge. I would never impede your pretend investigation.
  6. Nick Wilde: Never let them see that they get to you.
    Judy Hopps: So…things do get to you?
    Nick Wilde: No, I mean, not any more but I was small and emotionally unbalanced like you once.
  7. Nick Wilde: I know everybody. And I also know that somewhere there’s a toy store missing its stuffed animal so why don’t you get back to your box?
  8. Nick Wilde: Raymond! And is that Kevin? Long time, no see. And speaking of “no see” how about you forget you saw me, huh? For old times sake. [Kevin and Raymond grab Nick and Judy] That’s a no.
  9. Nick Wilde: I learned two things that day. One, I was never gonna let anyone see that they got to me.
    Judy Hopps: And two?
    Nick Wilde: If the world’s only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there’s no point in trying to be anything else.
  10. Nick Wilde: Great! We’re dead. We’re dead. That’s it. I’m dead, you’re dead. Everybody’s dead!
  11. Nick Wilde: I may have to rescind that victory toot-toot.
  12. Nick Wilde: Sly bunny.
    Judy Hopps: Dumb Fox.
    Nick Wilde: You know you love me.

Funny Nick Wilde Quotes

Nick Wilde isn’t just full of charm and charisma, he’s also full of quick wit and snark!

  1. Nick Wilde: Way to work that diaper big guy. Hey, no kiss bye-bye for daddy?
  2. Nick Wilde: It’s called a hustle sweetheart. And I’m not the liar, he is [disappears].
  3. Judy Hopps: It just, you know, it burns me up to see folks with such backward attitudes toward foxes. I just wanna say you’re a great dad and just a real articulate fella.
    Nick Wilde: Oh well, that is high praise. It’s rare that I find someone so non-patronising.
  4. Nick Wilde: What happened meter maid? Did someone steal a traffic cone?
  5. Nick Wilde: Yeah. In Zootopia, anyone can be anything. These guys, they be naked.
  6. Nick Wilde: Hey, listen. It would take a miracle to get this rust bucket going. [Train carriage moves]. Well, hallelujah.
  7. Nick Wilde: Are you saying because he’s a sloth he can’t be fast? I thought in Zootopia, anyone could be anything?
  8. Nick Wilde: Okay. What do you call a three-humped camel?
    Flash: I don’t… know. What… do… you call…
    Judy Hopps: Three-humped camel.
    Flash: A… three-humped… camel?
    Nick Wilde: Pregnant! (laughs)
  9. Judy Hopps: I’m not leaving. This is a crime scene.
    Nick Wilde: Well it’s gonna be an even bigger crime scene if My Big finds me here so we’re leaving right now.
  10. Nick Wilde: [Touching Bellwether’s hair] So fluffy!
    Judy Hopps: Hey!
    Nick Wilde: Sheep never let me get this close.
    Judy Hopps: You can’t just touch a sheep’s wool!
    Nick Wilde: It’s like cotton candy.
    Judy Hopps: Stop it!
  11. Nick Wilde: Okay. Press Conference 101. You wanna look smart? Answer their question with your own question and then answer that question. Like this. ‘Excuse me, Officer Hopps, uh, what can you tell us about the case?’ ‘Well, was this a tough case? Yes, yes it was’. You see?”
  12. Chief Bogo: all right. All right, enough! Shut it! We have some new recruits with us this morning, including our first fox. Who cares?
    Nick Wilde: Ha! You should have your own line of inspirational greeting cards, sir.

More Nick Hopps Quotes

Nick Wilde has lots of great lines, so here are some more of our Zootopia faves!

  1. Nick Wilde: Be careful now, or it won’t just be your dreams getting crushed.
  2. Judy Hopps: What is your problem? Does seeing me fail somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life?
    Nick Wilde: It does. 100%.
  3. Nick Wilde: Well, I had a ball. You are welcome for the clue and seeing as how any moron can run a plate, I will take that pen and bid you adieu.
  4. Judy Hopps: Well, look at you, Junior Detective. You know, I think you’d actually make a pretty good cop.
    Nick Wilde: Ugh, how dare you.
  5. Nick Wilde: First off you throw like a bunny. Second, you’re a very sore loser. See you later Office Fluff. So sad this over. I wish I could’ve helped more.
  6. Nick Wilde: So are all rabbits bad drivers, or is it just you?
  7. Nick Wilde: Flash is the fastest guy in there. If you need something done, he’s on it.
  8. Nick Wilde: Oh my god!
    Judy Hopps: What? What?
    Nick Wilde: The Velvety Pipes of Jerry Vole! But on CD. Who still uses CDs?
  9. Nick Wilde: You think when she goes to sleep she counts herself?
  10. Nick Wilde: Okay. Oh, you bunnies. You’re so emotional.
  11. Nick Wilde:: You’ll never be a real cop. You’re a cute meter maid, though.
  12. Nick Wilde: The kind that needs to be muzzled? The kind that makes you think you need to carry around fox repellent? Yeah, don’t think I didn’t notice that little item the first time we met. So let me ask you a question. Are you afraid of me? Do you think I might go nuts? Think I might go savage? You think that I might try to…[jumps forward] EAT YOU?! [Judy jumps back and her hand hovers over the Fox Repellent.] I knew it. Just when I thought somebody actually believed in me, huh? Probably best if you don’t have a predator as a partner.

Zootopia Quotes: Nick Wilde Sayings

If you haven’t got enough Zootopia quotes, here are a few extra!

  1. Nick Wilde: Look, you gave her a… a… a clown vest and a three-wheel joke mobile and two days to solve a case you guys haven’t cracked in two weeks? Yeah, no wonder she needed to get help from a fox. None of you guys were gonna help her, were you?
  2. Nick Wilde: I’m not looking for any trouble either, sir. I simply want to buy a Jumbo Pop… for my little boy. You want the red or the blue, pal?
  3. Nick Wilde: Hey, Carrots, you’re gonna wake the baby. I gotta get to work.
  4. Nick Wilde: You know, after you. You’re the cop.
  5. Nick Wilde: Tell me if this story sounds familiar: naive little hick with good grades and big ideas decides, “Hey look at me, I’m gonna move to Zootopia, where predators and prey live in harmony and sing Kumbaya!” Only to find, whoopsie: we don’t all get along. And that dream of becoming a big city cop? Double whoopsie: she’s a meter maid. And whoopsie number three-sie: no one cares about her or her dreams. And soon enough, those dreams die, and our bunny sinks into an emotional and literal squalor living in a box under a bridge, until finally, she has no choice but to go back home with that cute, fuzzy-wuzzy little tail between her legs to become… you’re from Bunnyburrow, is that what you said? So how about a carrot farmer?
  6. Judy Hopps: I just stated the facts of the case. I mean, it’s not like a bunny could go savage.
    Nick Wilde: Right. But a fox could, huh?
    Judy Hopps: Nick, stop it! You’re not like them.
    Nick Wilde: Oh, there’s a ‘them’ now?!
    Judy Hopps: Ugh, you know what I mean! You’re not that kind of predator.

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