Edna Mode Quotes: No Capes! (+ Fun Facts!)

Edna Mode, the iconic fashion designer from The Incredibles, is not only known for her clever designs but also for her sharp wit and memorable one-liners. With her matter-of-fact attitude, I compiled a list of the best Edna Mode quotes!

Iconic Edna Mode Quotes

Iconic character, iconic fashion and iconic quotes!

1. I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.

    2. Luck favors the prepared.

    3. There are no illegitimate children. There are only illegitimate parents.

    4. Done properly parenting is a heroic act. Done properly. I am fortunate it has never afflicted me.

    5. No? He’ll look fabulous anyway.

    6. This is Edna.

    7. Oh…My…God.

    8. That is why I show you my work! That is why you are here!

    9. Fascinating!

    Edna Mode Quotes - Never look back darling.

    Edna Mode Cape Quote

    “No capes!” is one of the most popular Edna Mode quotes, so here’s the conversation between Edna and Bob that led to this well-known catchphrase!

    Edna: It will be bold! Dramatic!
    Bob: Yeah!
    Edna: Heroic!
    Bob: Yeah. Something classic, like Dynaguy. Oh, he had a great look! Oh, the cape and the boots…
    Edna: [throws a wadded ball of paper at Bob’s head] No capes!
    Bob: Isn’t that my decision?
    Edna: Do you remember Thunderhead? Tall, storm powers? Nice man, good with kids.
    Bob: Listen…
    Edna: November 15th of ’58! All was well, another day saved when his cape snagged on a missile fin!
    Bob: Thunderhead was not the brightest bulb…
    Edna: Stratogale! April 23rd, ’57! Cape caught in a jet turbine!
    Bob: E, you can’t generalize about these things…
    Edna: Metaman, express elevator! Dynaguy, snagged on takeoff! Splashdown, sucked into a vortex!
    Edna: No capes!

    Why does Edna Mode hate capes? Edna Mode hates capes for safety reasons – she recalls all the cape-related accidents to Mr. Incredible. There’s also a fan theory that she made the costumes and feels incredibly guilty and responsible for the deaths of the superheroes wearing capes.

    Edna Mode Funny Quotes

    The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 are full of funny Edna Mode quotes darling!

    1. [To Mr. Incredible] My God, you’ve gotten fat.

    2. Helen: What on earth do you think the baby will be doing?
    Edna: Well, I’m sure I don’t know, darling. Luck favors the prepared. I didn’t know the baby’s powers, so I covered the basics.
    Helen: Jack-Jack doesn’t have any powers.
    Edna: No? Well, he’ll look fabulous anyway.

    3. Yes, words are useless! Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble! Too much of it, darling, too much! That is why I show you my work! That is why you are here!

    4. Edna: Edna Mode…
    [laser guns point at Helen]
    Edna: And guest
    [laser guns retract]

    5. Simple, elegant, yet bold. You will die.

    6. Edna: You need a new suit, that much is certain.
    Bob: A new suit? Well, where the heck am I gonna get a new suit?
    Edna: You can’t! It’s impossible! I’m far too busy, so ask me now before I can become sane.
    Bob: Wait? You want to make me a suit?
    Edna: You push too hard, darling! But I accept!

    7. Well it’s Mozart, Robert! Can you blame him?

    8. Bob: You know I’m retired from hero work.
    Edna: As am I, Robert, yet here we are.

    What is Edna Mode’s Catchphrase? Edna’s most recognisable quotes are, “No capes!” and “Darling!” or “Dahling!”.

    Edna Mode Quotes Darling!

    I think it’s safe to say “darling!” is Edna’s most common catchphrase! She says it many times in both Incredibles movies.

    1. And machine-washable, darling. That’s a new feature.

    2. This is a horrible suit, darling. You can’t be seen in this. I won’t allow it. Fifteen years ago, maybe, but now? Feh!

    3. And call me when you get back, darling. I enjoy our visits.

    4. Come in one hour darling, I insist, okay? Okay, Goodbye.

    5. Yes, yes, marvelous suit, darling, much better than those horrible pajamas he used to wear.

    6. Don’t make me beg, darling, I won’t do it, you know!

    7. Shh! Darling! Shh!

    Edna Mode Quotes - No Capes!

    Who voices Edna Mode in The Incredibles? Edna Mode is voiced by Brad Bird, writer and director of The Incredibles movies. Brad Bird originally asked actress Lily Tomlin to do the voice of Edna, but when he showed her how he wanted Edna to sound, Tomlin told him he should do the voice himself! And he did!

    Best Edna Mode Quotes

    Still looking for some Edna Mode quotes? Here are more lines from the greatest superhero costume designer in the known universe!

    1. Men at Robert’s age are often unstable…prone to weakness.

    2. Helen who?

    3. Go check the electric fence or something!

    4. Leave him? Here? I am not a baby person, Robert! I have no baby facilities! I am an artist. I do not involve myself in the prosaic day-to-day.

    5. I cut it a little roomy for the free movement. The fabric is comfortable for sensitive skin, and it can also withstand a temperature of over 1,000 degrees! Completely bulletproof.

    6. Galbaki!?! Elastigirl’s super suit is by Galbaki!? Explain yourself!

    7. You look ghastly, Robert.

    8. You are Elastigirl! My God. Pull-yourself-together! “What will you do?” Is this a question? You will show him you remember that he is Mr. Incredible, and you will remind him who you are. Well, you know where he is. Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win!

    9. Milan, darling. Milan. Supermodels. Heh! Nothing super about them… spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. Feh! I used to design for gods!

    10. Bob: E, I just need a patch job. For… sentimental reasons.
    Edna: Fine. I will also fix the hobo suit.
    Bob: You’re the best of the best, E
    Edna: Yes, I know, dahling.

    11. Your boy’s suit I designed to withstand enormous friction without heating up or wearing out. A useful feature. Your daughter’s suit was tricky, but I finally created a sturdy material that can disappear completely as she does. Your suit can stretch as far as you can without injuring yourself, and still retain its shape. Virtually indestructible, yet it breathes like Egyptian cotton. As an extra feature, each suit contains a homing device, giving you the precise global location of the wearer at the touch of a button. Well, darling? What do you think?

    Who is Edna from The Incredibles inspired by? Edna Mode is said to have been inspired by several real-life fashion icons. However, the main inspiration for Edna’s character is believed to be legendary fashion designer Edith Head. Edith Head was known for her distinctive style and straightforward personality, much like Edna Mode. They both also wear characteristic round glasses and have black bob cuts. However, there’s been plenty of speculation about who Edna is based on, including Anna Wintour, Iris Apfel, Mary Quant and Lotte Lenya. In an interview in 2004, Brad Bird told Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve heard, like, 15 different people she reminds people of”.

    Edna Mode Quotes from Incredibles 2

    Edna Mode returned for Incredibles 2, and the movie was full of Edna’s snappy quips and personality!

    1. He is bright and I am stimulating. We deserve each other.

    2. Of course, you can leave the baby overnight. I’m sure filling in for Helen is challenging, and you are very tired, and the other children need you and miss you, and you must go to them. Auntie Edna will take care of everything, so drive safely and goodbye. I enjoy our visits.

    3. Yes, I’m sure your gratitude is quite inexpressible. Don’t ask me to do it again, darling, my rates are far too high.

    4. I am joking, Robert. I enjoyed the assignment. He is bright and I am stimulating. We deserve each other.

    5. I blended Kevlar with carbyne for durability under duress and cotton for comfort. Interwoven with these fabrics are a mesh of tiny sensors that monitor the baby’s physical properties.

    6. You do not need cookies. As I learned quite painfully last night. Any solution involving cookies will inevitably result in the demon baby.

    7. Bob: Combustion imminent? What does that mean?
    Edna: It means fire, Robert.

    8. The fire retardant is blackberry-lavender, darling. Effective, edible, and delicious.

    9. Oh, pish-posh, darling. Your bill will be covered by my fee for being Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone’s exclusive designer throughout the known universe and until the end of time. But babysitting this one, I do for free, darling.

    10. I often work to music, and I noticed the baby responds to it as well. Specifically, Mozart.

    Inspirational Edna Mode quote.

    Edna Mode FAQ & Fun Facts

    What was Edna Mode’s most famous quote?
    While Edna Mode is mostly known for saying “No capes!”, another popular line is “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now”.

    Why is Edna Mode so iconic?
    Edna is stylish, sassy and full of witty quips. She’s also incredibly talented and smart. The design of superhero outfits means Edna knows her stuff when it comes to engineering and physics! She also has an iconic look with her signature black bob, thick round glasses and black outfit.

    What is Edna Mode’s gender?
    Edna Mode is female but is voiced by male director Brad Bird.

    What ethnicity is Edna Mode?
    Edna is half German and half Japanese. Brad Bird told the New York Post, “Those are both relatively small countries that have sort of an enormous impact [and] outstanding technical products coming from them. That’s what she is: a compact person with a very large personality and influence.”

    How tall is Edna Mode?
    Edna is around 4’3″.

    What is Edna Mode’s fan theory?
    There’s a fan theory that Violet is Edna Mode’s daughter. Violet is the only member of the Parr family with dark hair, which happens to be the same shade as Edna’s! In The Incredibles, Edna comes out of a 15-year retirement to fix Bob’s suit. Violet is 14 years old, so the theory is her retirement was partly due to her pregnancy, but when Violet exhibited superpowers, she went to Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl for help. However, one of the quotes I included in this post is, “Done properly parenting is a heroic act. Done properly. I am fortunate it has never afflicted me”. It makes me wonder if this line have been included if they had plans for Edna to be Violet’s biological mother.

    What does Edna Mode carry in her hand?
    Edna can often be seen holding a cigarette holder. They were popular in ladies’ fashion between 1910 and the 1970s. Another Disney character that carries a cigarette holder is Cruella de Vil!

    Does Edna Mode have a superpower?
    No, Edna does not have a superpower. She’s just a genius when it comes to the fashion, science, engineering and technology it takes to create her super-suits!

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