70 Best Onward Quotes: I Am A Mighty Warrior!

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Pixar’s Onward tells the story of Ian and Barley, two elf brothers who venture on a quest to discover if magic still exists.

Their adventure starts on Ian’s 16th birthday when the brothers receive a magical staff and a spell from their father, who died before Ian was born.

However, the spell, meant to bring their dad back for 24 hours, goes awry and only conjures his bottom half!

Pixar's Onward

So, Ian and Barley set off on their magical quest to find the Phoenix Gem, an enchanted gem that can help complete the spell.

Onward is a journey of brotherhood and family wrapped up in a little bit of magic and fantasy!

So here are the best Onward quotes!

The Best Onward Quotes

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Onward quotes!

  • Wilden: Long ago, the world was full of wonder. It was adventurous, exciting and best of all, there was magic. And that magic helped all in need.
  • Laurel: Aw, my little chubby cheeks is all grown up!
  • Officer Bronco: So, ya workin’ hard or hardly workin’?
  • The Manticore: My days of sending people on dangerous quests are over.
    Barley: What? Why?
    The Manticore: ‘Cause they’re dangerous.
  • Barley: If you believe the bridge is there, then it’s there.
    Ian: But it’s not.
    Barley: Well, not with that attitude.
  • The Manticore: They went on a quest to find a Phoenix Gem. But don’t worry, don’t worry. I told them about the map, I told them about the gem, I told them about the curse. [gasps] I forgot to tell them about the curse!
  • The Manticore: Every curse has a core, the center of its power. And only one weapon forged of the rarest metals can destroy it, my enchanted sword, the Curse Crusher!
  • Officer Gore: Oh, man. Bronco is losin’ it.
  • Barley: I’m not a screwup.
    Ian: I didn’t say you were.
    Barley: The magic said it for you.
    Ian: Well, the magic got it wrong.
    Barley: Magic doesn’t get it wrong!
  • Ian: What is he doing?
    Barley: I think he can feel the vibrations of the music, and he’s dancing.
    Ian: Wow. He is terrible.
    Barley: Yeah. He’s really, really bad.
  • Barley:  We go to the end of the water, we’ll find that Phoenix Gem.
  • Laurel: [to the Manticore] How do you feel about exercising those wings?
  • The Manticore: Ooh, my back!
Barley Onward Quotes
  • The Manticore: Time to crush a curse!
  • Barley: He said he always thought his wizard name would be Wilden the Whimsical.
    Ian: Wow. That’s really terrible.
  • Barley: Oh, and he told me to give you this. [hugs Ian]
  • Laurel:  You forgot your keys!
    Officer Bronco: Don’t need ‘em. I was born to run.
  • The Manticore: If we don’t leave here with the sword, your boys are doomed.
  • Officer Bronco:  Dang those kids!
  • Barley: Relax. Guinevere is fine. Her stomach is just a little empty.
    Ian: [gestures to fuel guage] But it says we have a full tank.
    Barley: [laughs] No. That doesn’t work.
  • The Manticore: I used to be dangerous and wild!
  • Barley: It’s a curse.

Funny Onward Quotes

Onward is full of funny quips and quotes!

  • Barley: Did you know, in the old days, centaurs could run 70 miles an hour?
    Officer Bronco: I own a vehicle. Don’t need to run.
  • Laurel: Barley, keep your soldiers off my land or our kingdoms will go to war!
    Barley: Sorry, Mom!
    Laurel: Oh, this is the world’s longest gap year.
  • Barley: No way! It’s a wizard staff. Dad was a wizard!
    Laurel: Hold on, your dad was an accountant.
  • Barley: [holding the wizard staff] Ah!
    Laurel: What?
    Barley: Splinter.
  • Barley:  He’s just legs. There’s no top part. I definitely remember Dad having a top part!
  • The Manticore:  Last name “Manticore”, first name “The”.
  • Barley:  [singing] We’re heading on a quest. Our father we must retrieve. The Lightfoot brothers can’t be stopped. Something, something that rhymes with retrieve.
  • Barley: Well, I told you. My gut knows where to go. [rubbing belly] Don’t you boy? Yes, you do.
  • Ian: I can’t believe I’m running from the cops.
    Barley:  You’re not running from the cops, you’re running from our mom’s boyfriend. 
    [Multiple police cars appear
    Barley: Okay, now you’re running from the cops.
  • Barley: Oh, no. It can’t be. A gelatinous cube!
  • The Manticore: And then, with a slash of my mighty sword, I severed the beast’s wings from it’s wretched body! [breathes fire] Okay, who wants cake?
  • Barley: [after being shrunk] I just need a little break. My baby legs can’t go that fast.
  • The Manticore: I have the parchment you desire right here. Behold!
    Ian: Oh. That’s a children’s menu.
    The Manticore: Isn’t that fun? They’re all based on my old maps. Uh, now. The great Manticore sends you on your adventure with a hero’s blessing and here’s some crayons.

Inspirational Onward Quotes

Here are some Onward quotes to inspire you on your own quest!

  • Barley: There’s a mighty warrior inside of you. You just have to let him out.
  • Barley: It’s just, for any spell to work, you have to speak from your heart’s fire.
  • Laurel: I am a mighty warrior!
  • Barley: On a quest, the clear path is never the right one.
  • Barley: Ian Lightfoot is fearless!
  • The Manticore: You have to take risks in life to have an adventure.
  • Ian: I had someone who looked out for me. Someone who pushed me to be more than I ever thought I could be. I never had a dad, but I always had you.
  • Barley:  Remember, on a quest, you have to use what you’ve got.
  • Ian: I think, with a little bit of magic in your life, you can do almost anything.
Disney Onward Quotes
Image: Pixar

Emotional Onward Quotes

Onward is an emotional film about the loss of a loved one. Here are some of the best Onward quotes about grief and family.

  • Laurel: You know, when your dad got sick, he fought so hard because he wanted to meet you more than anything.
  • Barley:  I don’t believe this. This spell brings him back. For one whole day, Dad will be back.
  • Ian: [Reading his dad’s letter] Over time, magic faded away but I hope, there’s a little magic left in you. And so I wrote this spell, so I could see for myself who my boys grew up to be.
  • Barley: Only once is all we get, grant me this rebirth. Till tomorrow’s sun has set, one day to walk the earth.
  • Ian: Whatever it takes, I am gonna meet my dad.
  • Barley:  He also said that he’s very proud of the person you grew up to be.
    Ian: Well, I owe an awful lot of that to you.
  • Barley: It’s not fair for you to call me a screwup if you don’t give me a chance to get something right.
  • Barley: I was supposed to go in and say goodbye to him. But he was hooked up to all these tubes, and he just didn’t look like himself. I got scared, and I didn’t go in. That’s when I decided I was never gonna be scared ever again.

Barley Quotes

Barley is full of personality and full of quotable lines!

  • Barley: Quests of Yore isn’t just a board game. It’s a historically based role-playing scenario.
  • Barley: Behold! Your chariot awaits!
  • Barley: Holy Tooth of Zadar!
  • Barley: A person can only do magic if they have the gift. And my little brother has the magic gift.
  • Barley: You hear that, Dad? We’re going on a quest!
  • Barley: Madam, I request an audience with the Manticore.
  • Barley: My brother is a wizard!
  • Barley: This one learns a little magic, thinks he’s Shamblefoot the Wonderous, am I right Dad?
  • Barley: [after being shrunk] Hey, I don’t need you to carry me. I’m a grown man. 
  • Barley:  Welcome to the Path of Peril.
  • Barley: So, heads up, we could run into anything. A centicore, wolf dragon, gelatinous cube.
  • Barley: Yeah! Iandore Lightfoot, breaking the rules!
  • Barley: I know all there is to know of magic.
Barley and Ian Onward
Barley & Ian. Image: Pixar

Ian Quotes

Here are some quotes from younger brother Iandore Lightfoot!

  • Ian: Chantor’s Talon! Cops!
  • Ian: Just imagine what the top half of this dance looks like.
  • Ian: Dad, we have followed the quest, and it has led us to our victory!
  • Ian: You act like you know what you’re doing, but you don’t have a clue and that’s because you are a screwup. And now you’ve screwed up my chance to have the one thing I never had!
  • Ian: I know you want this to be like one of your adventure games, but all that matters is that we get to spend as much time as possible with Dad.

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