85 Pixar Luca Quotes: Silenzio, Bruno!

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This Pixar movie tells the story of sea monster Luca, who goes against his parent’s wishes to explore life on land.

When Luca comes ashore, he changes into human form, allowing him to experience the joys and complexities of the human world.

Set in a picturesque town on the Italian Riviera, Luca is a beautiful film about friendship, self-discovery, and finding the courage to be yourself!

The Best Luca Quotes

Here are some of the best Luca quotes!

  • Tommaso: Oh, come on, Giacomo. You really believe in sea monsters?
  • Lorenzo:  Now, here’s a champion show crab if I ever saw one.
  • Daniela:  Mom, maybe his life is a little more important than your snacks.
  • Daniela: We do not talk, think, discuss, contemplate or go anywhere near the surface! Got it?
  • Luca: Wait. It feels like it’s still there.
    Alberto: Yeah, that’s called phantom tail. You’ll get used to it.
  • Alberto: It’s a human thing. I’m kind of an expert.
  • Luca:  Mother of Pearl!
  • Luca: I’m not the guy you want for this. I’m more of an idea man.
  • Ugo: Ah, yes. There’s usually a bad influence.
  • Ugo: Sure, there’s no sunlight, but there’s nothing to see anyway, or do. It’s just you and your thoughts, and all the whale carcass you can eat. Little bits of it just float into your mouth. You can’t stop it. You can’t see it. So if you… The mouth opened, the whale carcass go in. Yes, good. I recommend it.
  • Daniela: I know you. And I know what’s best for you.
  • Alberto: This will be a breeze. Just don’t get wet.
  • Luca:  Madams, what’s wrong with you, stupido?
  • Ercole: And now, who wants to watch me eat a big sandwich? Hmm?
  • Alberto:  All you gotta do is follow my lead, remember?
  • Giulia: Your reign of terror is coming to an end!
  • Ercole: Ciccio! Get your daddy’s harpoon! We’re gonna catch a sea monster.
Alberto as a sea monster.
  • Ercole: Fine! Go start a club, for losers!
  • Alberto: My life’s great. I’m just helping him out.
  • Giulia: Can this face lose?
  • Ercole: Ercole doesn’t have to do anything. He’s the Portorosso Cup champion, number one. And number two, his life is amazing and everyone loves him.
  • Ercole: I eat kids like you for breakfast. I dunk them in my cioccolata and [mimics chomping] finiti!
  • Giulia: Do you think I want you to leave? This is the happiest I’ve… Look, it’s just not worth it.
  • Lorenzo: It turns out I don’t got this.
  • Alberto: Luca, sea monsters can’t go to school. What do you think is gonna happen when they see your fish face?
  • Ercole: You’re hiding something.
    Alberto: Is it that we’re smarter than you? I mean, we’re not really hiding that. It’s just kind of obvious.
  • Giulia: Of all the places for sea monsters to visit, Portorosso? Have you seen this town? My father hunts sea monsters!
  • Luca: Sorry, Mom! Sorry, Dad! I have to do this!
  • Giulia: So long, evil empire of injustice.
  • Daniela:  If you promise to write to us every single day and be as safe as possible and I mean safer than safe, you can go to school.
  • Giulia: It’s over, the reign of terror. It’s finally over!

Fun Fact: A lot of the film’s dialogue was recorded inside the actor’s homes and closets during the 2020 pandemic lockdown!

Funny Luca Quotes

As with all Pixar movies, Luca is full of funny quotes!

  • Luca: Land monsters! Everybody, under the rock!
  • Daniela: When I was a kid, we’d go weeks without seeing a boat, and let me tell you, they did not have motors. Just a sweaty land monster with a paddle.
  • Daniela: Well, the curious fish gets caught.
  • Alberto: Now, walking is just like swimming. But without fins. Or a tail. And also, there’s no water. Otherwise, it’s like the exact same thing.
  • Alberto: Take me gravity!
  • Luca: [looking at the night sky] What are all those tiny lights? 
    Alberto: Anchovies. They go there to sleep.
    Luca: Really?
    Alberto: Yeah. [points to the moon] And the big fish protects them. I touched it once. I don’t know, it felt like a fish.
  • Luca:  They’re sending me to the deep! To live with my weird see-through uncle!
  • Ercole: I love your stylish clothes. Where did you get them? A dead body? [Laughs] I’m kidding.
  • Giulia:  It’s an epic, grueling, traditional Italian triathlon. Swimming, cycling, and eating pasta.
  • Giulia: You guys want it just as bad as I do. You have the hunger. That’s the most important thing.
    Alberto:  I’m definitely hungry.
Luca coming ashore.
  • Alberto: We’re incredible at this humaning stuff.
  • Luca: It might be because we’re over a haunted fish graveyard.
    Alberto: We know it’s not haunted. The fish think it’s haunted.
  • Giulia: [to Ercole] You look like a…
    Luca: [whispers to Giulia] A catfish.
    Giulia: A catfish!
    Crowd: Huh?
    Luca: Uh, they’re bottom feeders, and they also have two sad little whiskers.
  • Ercole:  I’ll make it my mission to destroy you.
    Alberto:  Ugh! Rules are for rule people.
  • Daniela:  You scared the scales off of me!
  • Lorenzo: [In human form] Wow. We look horrifying.
  • Daniela: Oops, sorry! I’m not used to legs.
  • Alberto:  Thank you, Giulia, for showing us the boring thing that takes us to the terrible place.
  • Alberto: Whoa! You really are crazy!
    Luca: Learned it from you!

Fun Fact: Director Enrico Casarosa, said this about the movie’s themes of feeling like an outsider, “We kept on saying, “This is not about people accepting them.” Some people will accept and some people won’t. But it’s more about, “I’m going to fly my flag and I don’t care, and here’s me.” That was such an important part of this coming of age. And the friendship is such a big part of it, too, because they are the people that are around you and see you for who you are, and they don’t care [about] whatever differences [you have].”

Inspirational Luca Quotes

Luca is story of friendship and self discovery. Here are some of our favorite inspirational Luca quotes.

  • Alberto: You and me? We can do anything.
  • Giulia: The universe is literally yours!
  • Giulia: You know, we underdogs have to look out for each other, right?
    Alberto: What’s under the dogs?
    Giulia: Underdogs. You know, kids who are different, dressed weird, or a little sweatier than average.
  • Massimo: I know who they are. They are Luca and Alberto, and they are the winners.
  • Daniela: You raced your little tail off and kicked so much human butt! And I’m so proud of you, and I am so mad at you.
  • Grandma:  Some people, they’ll never accept him. But some will. And he seems to know how to find the good ones.
  • Daniela: Oh. Just remember, we are always here for you. Okay?
  • Luca:  I can’t do it without you.
    Alberto: But you’re never without me. The next time that you jump off a cliff or tell Bruno to quit bothering you, that’s me.
Pixar Luca Quotes
Image: Pixar Luca

Emotional Luca Quotes

Luca is a heartwarming tale about acceptance and finding one’s path, so there’s plenty of quotes with feeling!

  • Luca:  Your life is so much cooler than mine. I never go anywhere. I just dream about it.
  • Daniela: The world is a very dangerous place, Luca, and if I have to send you to the bottom of the ocean to keep you safe, so be it.
  • Daniela: Hey, look me in the eye. You know I love you, right?
  • Luca: What are those marks on the wall? Tell me what they mean.
    Alberto: I started when my dad left.
    Luca: You were living here alone for that many days?
    Alberto: I just stopped counting after a while. He said I was old enough to be on my own. I just thought that maybe he’d change his mind.
  • Alberto: You’re not like me. You’re the good kid. And I’m just the kid that ruins everything.
  • Ercole: Everyone is horrified and disgusted by you, because you are monsters.
    Giulia: Stop! They are not monsters.

Fun Fact: X-Men’s Mystique was used as a reference for the transformation between sea monster and human.

Italian Luca Quotes

Luca is set in the fictional Italian town of Portorosso, so there’s plenty of Italian words and phrases!

  • Luca: Silenzio, Bruno.
  • Giulia: Santa mozzarella.
  • Tommaso: Non preoccuparti, Giacomo!
  • Alberto: Piacere, Girolamo Trombetta.
  • Policewoman: Mannaggia!
  • Ercole: Buongiorno a tutti!
  • Old woman: Che puzza, Ercole!
  • Ercolé: Ah, per mille sardine!
  • Alberto: Andiamo!
  • Ercole: Ciao belle!
  • Woman: Eh basta!
  • Ercole: La mia bambina!
  • Ercole: Benvenuti a Portorosso!
  • Giulia: Buongiorno, Signora Marsigliese! Due sogliole! Perfetto, ciao!
  • Massimo: Buongiorno! Andiamo, dai!
Silenzio, Bruno! Luca quotes.

Vespa Quotes

Alberto has always dreamed of owning his own Vespa!

  • Alberto:  Oh, it’s just the greatest thing that humans ever made. The Vespa!
  • Alberto: You ready to ride it?
    Luca: Oh, well, thank you, but no thank you. I mean, I just think maybe I would die.
  • Alberto: Every day, we’ll ride someplace new, and every night, we’ll sleep under the fish. No one to tell us what to do. Just you and me out there. Free.
  • Luca: [Looking at a rusty old Vespa] It’s so beautiful.
    Alberto: Yes, we need it.
  • Alberto: Feast your eyes on the greatest Vespa the world has ever seen!
  • Alberto: We gotta fix this thing up before we take it across the entire Earth.
Luca Vespa Quotes

Luca Movie Quotes FAQ

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